6 weeks!!!

It is officially 6 weeks from the date of my surgery! I am now allowed to lift over 10 pounds. 🙂 Jack and Sadie seem to be happy about that. My incision has healed beautifully. I am not as tired as I have been and I am happy to start to do more things. The weather is starting to cool which I am very happy about. Jason and I love to take walks in the evening time around our neighborhood.

We have decided recently that we are going to stop talking about getting into shape and actually do it. Now that I am out of the recovery time frame I am not nervous about starting to exercise. (A few weeks ago I was worried I would hurt myself if I tried anything.) Wish us luck! Exercise has to be one of the hardest things for both Jason and I to stay committed to, but we know that we need to in order to be healthy. Plus, I want to look my best when I see all of you in California for Lacey’s wedding. 🙂 All in all, I am doing well physically. 
Please continue to keep me in your prayers. One thing that has changed since surgery is my ability to handle stress. My job has been extremely stressful since I have returned. Unfortunately, I am not handling it as well as I would like to. (I experienced my very first migraine headache last week and have since had a second one less than a week later.) I have decided to put my resume out there in hopes of finding someplace closer to home that will not be as stressful as my current job. 
I guess to sum up my progress since August 15th, I am doing well physically and emotionally, except for the stress factor. Thank you to everyone who continues to keep me in their prayers. 

Oklahoma State Fair

Today Jason and I went to the Oklahoma State Fair. We had a lot of fun walking around. There was so much to see! We walked around several vendor boths, we went to the car show, we saw show animals like horses and lambs, we walked around the many carnival games and we watched many people go on a variety of rides. We decided against the rides. (I don’t think my doctor would have been too happy with me if I decided to go on one.) It only rained a little bit. I brought an umbrella, so we were prepared. (Hurricane Ike has brought rain to OK.) All in all, we had a pretty good time. I don’t have any pictures to post. I always forget the camera. I definately need to work on that before we have kids! 🙂

Kitchen Curtains

I finally finished hanging my kitchen curtains! I posted a pic several months ago showing off the valance over my kitchen windows. I actuallt bought cafe curtains, but the other ones had not been put up until now. I think they turned out well.

OU 57, Chattanooga 2

Last weekend Jason and I went to the first OU game of the season. It was my first time going to any OU game. We got free tickets from our sunday school leader and the seats were great- just above the 50 yard line. We went with some friends from church and had a great time. The first half was better to watch than the second. OU scored 50 points in the first half. There was an hour rain delay following the first half due to a thunder storm that hit the stadium. (Don’t worry, we stayed dry.) There wasn’t much to watch the second half, but by that point Bradford (OU’s starting quaterback) was not playing anymore and the offensive line was 3rd string. All in all, we still had a good time and held out until the end. Go OU!!