Getting Ready for Maddie!

I got Madison’s bumper and crib mattress today and the crib looks so cute! Here are a few pictures. (Snow Bear is keeping her spot for her…)


New Job Update

I started my new job yesterday and so far it is going well. I have a lot to learn and everyday is a new adventure. My new manager randomly quizzes me throughout the day and even calls my ext pretending to be clients. I think I am keeping up with everything ok so far. One thing that is difficult is  trying to focus on what I am being taught when the baby keeps moving! 

Getting Ready for My New Job

A week ago, I interviewed for a transfer to the wire room at work. I was offered the job on Tuesday this week and I start on April 13th. I am excited to do something new. This new job does not have uniforms, so Jason and I went shopping for business maternity clothes. I bought 2 pairs of secret belly fit dress pants (one black and the other grey) and I love them! They are so comfy! I also purchased 2 blouses. Next weekend Jason said I could buy 2 more blouses so I can have close to a weeks worth. I found some Motherhood blouses at Gordman’s that I really like. They have color, unlike the two I bought today that are white and white and black. I love my new clothes because I feel pregnant in them instead of just fat. 🙂

The date has been set!!

We will have our big ultrasound on Monday, April 20th!!!! We will be finding out what we are having if the baby is not too shy. 🙂 Does anyone have any guesses?