Family Pictures

Jason, Maddie and I went to Richard’s Photography Studio for some family pictures. Richard was our wedding photographer and offered to do them without charging a sitting fee. He gave us a disk of all of the pictures for us to share. These are the untouched ones so keep that in mind… We ordered some pics for the house and we are really happy with how they turned out.


Can you pick me up now, Mom??

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Here is a pic of Maddie and me enjoying our Dell Snuggie. Oh the perks of having a spouse that works for Dell…

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The Peanut Shell

Today I received my peanut shell sling in the mail. I am so happy with it! A friend of mine gave me hers a while back which was too big, but Maddie still really liked it. I went on the website and found out there is an outlet grab bag. The sling only costs $14 if you purchase it this way. You do not get to see what pattern you are getting. I figured since it was reversible, I would probably like at least one side and $14 for a sling that normally costs $50+ is a great deal. Today it came in the mail and I love both sides. The great thing is that the colors are neutral just in case the next time around we are seeing blue instead of pink. 🙂

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The hat that is now in Maddie’s hand was on her head when we put her in the car. I guess she decided she did not want to wear it anymore.

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I think Maddie’s vision is improving because she has started to take an interest in her playmat. She has reached towards the animals twice. Most of the time she make happy noises and kicks her feet and waves her arms. It is very cute.

Look at those dimples!

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This post is for Aunt Julie

Madison is finally starting to fit some of the 0-3 month dresses that were bought for her. This one is from my Aunt Julie. I love it! She looks adorable in it! It is definitely my favorite. 🙂

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