High Chair

Look, Mom! I ate the whole thing!

Sweet Potatoes are yummy!

Today, Jason and I went to Walmart to pick up Maddie’s new high chair that I ordered a couple weeks ago. It is very cute and I think she likes it.


Maddie is laughing more and more these days. She is full of joy. Her smile can make anyday the best day. Last night, I was holding her on my lap and making silly faces and giving her kisses. Maddie responded by laughing a full belly laugh, which in turn, made Jason and me laugh. It was such a wonderful family moment. I know I will remember it for a very long time. Thank you Lord for blessing me with such a beautiful family.

The Weather the Past Few Days

The snow is finally beginning to melt. I am ready for some nice weather. It sounds like we might have more of this coming our way. We will see. Hopefully not. 🙂
(By the way, I am posting this on my new Dell laptop!)