Maddie’s First Birthday!

Eating yummy banana cake.

New stroller walker.

More presents!

She loves the lion.

Ooooo… money…

Birthday Cake! (I need to work on my lettering, but it was tasty!)
I can’t believe my baby is one!!! We had such a great day. I am so glad my mom was here to share it with us. Next up: Maddie’s birthday party on Saturday! Yay!
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Cheesy Lasagna= Yum!

We are starting to introduce Maddie to table food. We are starting slowly and mostly buying the toddler little meals in the baby food ailse. This one is Beechnut Cheesy Lasagna. Maddie loved it! Her face is proof. We also gave her some puffs (she loves the sweet potato ones) and she ended up getting them stuck to her face. It was so cute I had to document. She is still mostly on baby food and the solids she gets are soft and easy to chew. She has mastered the sippy cup, which is so nice. Our little girl is growing up so fast. I can’t believe she will be one on Wednesday!

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Trip to Tulsa

Maddie loved this piano. Since she is the only grandkid left that enjoys playing it, we got to take it home with us.
Maddie and her cousin, Justin.
Maddie with her great aunt, Penny.
Maddie and great grandpa Nickels.
Maddie and great grandma Nickels.

Yesterday, we took a day trip to Tulsa for our nephew, Austin’s birthday party. This is the first time we have been to Tulsa where she was free to crawl around and get into everything. She had a lot of fun. She was scared of my in-law’s dog, Chase, at first, but soon enough she was chasing him around and squealing with delight. She met Jason’s aunt, Penny, for the first time on this trip and had fun with her great grandparents. She loved her cousin, Justin, and kept trying to crawl on top of him. (I don’t think Justin is a huge fan of her.) It was nice to see her play with her cousins. I didn’t acutally take any pictures of the actual party, but these are a few pics I got before the birthday event started.

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Snow Bear

Saturday, Jason and I took my bear, Snow Bear, to Build-A-Bear to get re-stuffed. Snow Bear was bought for me before I was born. This is an old bear. The poor bear had no life. He had lost most of his stuffing and had several holes. Build-A-Bear patched all of his holes, took out the remaining old stuffing, and restuffed him. They did all of this for $5! Snow Bear has been given a new life and he and Maddie have quickly become friends. I love watching her play with a bear that I used to play with. I hope she keeps him long enough to pass him down to her kids.

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Jason bought me two new books for my birthday today. One is “Hello Cupcake!” and the other is “Weekend Sewing”. I am very excited about trying out the recipes/patterns in these books. The butterfly cupcakes I have been making for Maddie’s party come from the book “Hello Cupcake!” and I have been wanting to get my sewing machine out of the closet. I will continue to post pictures of the new things I try so everyone can see. Now I just need to get supplies and some free time. (Nap time maybe?)

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Maddie’s New Tutu

I found this tutu on the clearance rack at Babies ‘R Us today for $5! I have been wanting a tutu for Maddie, but I have not been willing to spend the money for one. This fit my budget just fine. Maddie seems to like it and it is 12-24 months so it should fit her for a while. Yay!

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Where is my Motivation?

Today I have been thinking about how hard it is to be motivated to work-out and eat well. I have thought a lot about this topic lately and it is not because of the news stories about our over-weight culture or the weight that I have gained since saying “I do” six years ago. Rather, I have been thinking about my health because of my reading in the Word. The Bible tells us that our bodies are temples for Christ. Our bodies are not our own.

I want my body to be used to glorify Christ. I need to take care of it! I am God’s creation! God has given me such a wonderful gift in His Son. He has given me life. I need to start living my life for him in every way, including how I take care of myself. My body is a temple for Christ and it is about time I start treating it that way. I am not saying I want to be thin. (Although, wouldn’t that be nice!) I want to be healthy. I am going to start making healthy decisions so that my body can be ready for any task the Lord gives me. I want to live my life to His glory. I want to be thankful in everything. I think taking good care of myself is a great way of saying “thank you”.
The Lord is teaching me so much. What a wonderful God I serve! He has given me so much hope and joy these past few months and everyday I am learning something new about Him. He is taking me on such a journey. This desire to be healthy is only a small part. The greatest thing is knowing everyday that I am His child and I am loved by Him.

Trip to the Zoo

The birds just seemed to be roaming the park.

Maddie loved watching the monkeys.

Jason and Maddie at the petting zoo in the new children’s zoo section of the park.
Eating a snack.
The butterfly exhibit.
Today we took a family trip to the zoo. Jason got free tickets by donating blood at Dell. We really enjoy taking Maddie and every time it seems like she is enjoying herself more and more.
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Butterfly Cupcake Attempt #2

Well, this time was better. I am still having difficulty with the antenae and some of the wings are cracking, but I think if I used more chocolate and make them thicker, it will work. Regardless, the wings look better and I found a better way to do the icing for the bodies. I definitely think I will be able to make these for her party. I am going to make 4 different colors: pink, green, blue and yellow. (I am being ambitious.)

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