A sigh of relief could be heard tonight in the Nickels home. Tonight we gave our 30 day notice of move-out to our apartment complex. We found a 2 bed/ 2 bath, 1586 sq ft town-home to rent. We are very excited. We will have 2 weeks of overlap between the two complexes, giving us plenty of time to move and clean the apartment.

Jason went to turn in our notice and actually had a very good conversation with the apartment manager. She mentioned she realized after my last conversation with her that there are a lot more problems with the apartment then was originally thought. She is even going to ask for a discount on the buy-out fee due to the problems with our apartment. Everything sounded very positive. I am choosing to believe that I caught her on a bad day previously and hopefully our contact with her until we leave will be pleasant.
All in all, we are excited. We are hoping this is a good move, for we do not plan to move again for a while. 🙂

Prayers, Please

It’s 2am and I am still awake. I can’t keep the events of the day from replaying in my mind. Does anyone else look back on a conversation and see the many things that could have or should have been said? I do.
Today, I met with my apartment manager over issues with our apartment. We have been working with them for months over structural issues. I went to her to be honest about how I felt about the circumstances surrounding our move-in and was almost immediately accused of wanting to lawyer-up. I mentioned I was upset that we were unable to see our unit before move-in (after asking twice) and that we were assured it was like the “model” we had been shown, when that is not true. I was told that the apartment looked like the model and that none of this would stand up in a court of law. That may be so, but I never once mentioned wanting to take this to court. I simply wanted to let her know that had I seen the unit ahead of time, I would not have rented it. Regardless of if there was a safety issue or not, I would not have wanted to subject my daughter, who was at the time just starting to walk, to uneven flooring. I simply wanted to share with her the reasons for being unhappy with this unit and to ask respectfully to be let out of the lease. After reading the contract we know of the clause that allows the manager to use discretion and gives them the authority to cancel the contract. Our apartment has issues that no other apartment has (issues that would require us to be displaced to fix), so we were hoping that due to these issues we would be able to ask for our lease contract to be terminated. I wasn’t even able to get that far and now I know that this will not happen for us.
I was made to feel like a fool when asking certain questions. I was told that she would have to see for herself the problems I mentioned today as if I were lying (even though the issues first brought to the table were legit and required an engineer). I was told I didn’t understand construction when I was practically raised in a construction zone. (That happens when your father is a licensed general contractor and your grandfather and uncle are plumbers.)
I did everything I could do to not scream or cry. Jason and I made a decision tonight based almost completely off of this encounter. We are going to look for a new place. We do not want to live in a place that treats its residents so poorly.
I did not mean to cause trouble. If I could fix the problems myself, I would. These problems were not created by me and are not in my control. I hate moving and I wish I didn’t have to.
Worst of all, I feel like I have been made to look like someone I am not.
I long for my house. I wish we could have just transplanted it here in CA. (Hey, the land alone would have made the house value go up. Lol.)
Please pray for me as we continue to go through this process. Please pray that I can show grace and not lose my temper. Please pray that the peace I am beginning to feel knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel, will stay with me until I get there. Pray that I will stand up for myself, but in a way that shows Christ in me and His strength that sustains me.
Thank you!

Lunch with Jesus

I read a blog post last night titled “A Day in the Life…” This post detailed the daily life of another stay-at-home mom for one day. I really enjoy reading what other moms do. It is nice to get ideas and to know that I am not the only mom who loves nap time and feeds their child practically the same thing for breakfast every morning. (If any of you are wondering, Maddie eats scrambled eggs, fruit and milk.)

One daily routine in this mom’s life, I have decided to copy. Every lunch time she makes the kids thier lunch and then sits down to eat with them and reads them a story out of “The Jesus Storybook Bible”. Jason and I love this Bible. We first heard about it at the New Parent Commitment Dinner at HHBC. We went out the next week and bought one for Maddie. I read it to her a lot when she was little, but now that she is mobile it is hard to find a time when she will sit long enough for me to read her a story. Lunch time is perfect!

Most days, lunch time consists of me making sure that Maddie is eating and not making a huge mess or throwing her food. It can be rather stressful. Today, I made lunch (pb&j sandwiches, raisins, orange juice, and the last oatmeal chocolate chip cookies for dessert) and sat down with Maddie to read. I had such a great time! Maddie sat happily eating while I read. While she still had pb&j all over her face, she did not throw a single thing and most of the time she was smiling! What a great way to spend lunch! After the success of today, I will definitely be continuing this daily lunch time routine. I will even try to change up the menu every now and then. 😉

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I got to go and stay at my boss’ cabin in Tahoe this weekend and take my first ski lesson ever. It was a blast and the mountains were gorgeous. I can’t wait to go again!

What we did today.

I have been trying to encourage Maddie to color. I still have to pull a crayon out of her mouth every once and a while, but she is starting to make scribbles. It is progress and that makes me happy. Can you tell what side of the picture I colored and what side Maddie did?? 😉

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Snow in Gilroy!

A little over a week ago, it snowed in Gilroy. Snow does not normally fall in Gilroy, in fact it had been 20-30 years since areas of the Bay had snow. This type of snow is different then what we had in OK. Jason has a name for it: “rainsnow”. It is basically a rain/snow mix, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting to see snowflakes fall in the Bay area. Maddie had a blast running around and her coat and hat were soaked when we went back in. 🙂

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Her first "hair cut".

This is Maddie playing with the balloon she got from Great Clips after having her first hair cut. Really, she only had her bangs trimmed. Jason was getting his hair cut and then asked the stylist if she could trim Maddie’s bangs because they were starting to fall in front of her eyes. Maddie behaved very well and was given a balloon for her good behavior. She was so excited!

By the way, that balloon is amazing. I am behind in posting this. It has been 3 weeks since she got the balloon and it still floats to the top of her ceiling. She carries it around the apartment all day. It will be very sad when the balloon finally dies. 😦

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