Chocolate 2

I’m sorry blog. I have neglected you. I have gone through an entire section in school without posting a single thing. I guess I will have to play catch up.

Last night I finished Chocolate 2. This section mainly focused on candy and then ended with a showpiece. During this section I learned how to make many yummy treats, including: soft caramels, peanut butter squares, butter toffee, rocky road (we learned how to make our own marshmallows), butter caramels, peppermint patties and bonbons. We were also given creative license and were asked to invent our own bonbon flavor. Mine was peppermint mocha. It turned out great!

We also made a two tiered chocolate cake covered in a chocolate band painted with cocoa butter. Then we finished the section with a chocolate showpiece. Our theme for the showpiece was favorite movies. I’m not sure anyone did their absolute favorite movie, for example, I did a movie I like and could imagine as a showpiece.

Here are some pictures from the section:

Candy making: peanut butter nougat, soft caramels, and butter toffee. Before they are finished they will be cut and dipped in chocolate.

My Curious George themed two tiered chocolate cake. The cake itself is a chocolate sponge cake with chocolate raspberry filling, covered in chocolate buttercream and wrapped in white chocolate.

My “Phantom of the Opera” themed chocolate showpiece.

Everyone’s showpieces out for display. The bear is our chef instructor’s.

Overall, I think everything turned out well. Chocolate is very messy and something I not really that crazy about, but I do love the finished product. 🙂

Next we start plated desserts 2.


End of Sugar 1: Pastillage Cake Stand

The last 4 days of sugar 1 were devoted to making a pas tillage cake stand. These last 4 days were very stressful and just happened to land over the holiday season, so really 4 days spanned into 2 weeks. We were all very relieved when we were finally done. All in all, I think my stand came out well. I like the concept, the whimsical feel and my decorative items. The stand was not as neat as I would have liked it to be. It is definitely a little rough around the edges, but Chef Jae said that it was good for my first attempt at something like this. He liked all of our ideas and designs. We all did rather well.

Pastillage is a sugar dough that can be rolled out and cut into pieces. It can also be molded. It dries completely and can be strong enough to hold weight, but can also be very brittle. It can be difficult to work with some. It’s not one of my favorite materials.

The theme for our project was simply our first initial. I could do anything that started with a “K”, so I chose to do a stand surrounded by kites. My idea was to have a blue stand to represent the sky, with kites “flying” through it. I wanted my cake on top to be very whimsical and simple.

I love how my cake and kites turned out, as well as the 4 favor boxes we were required to include. I learned a lot during the project, one of which: I will never use blue to cover such a big piece again. It is a very hard color to work with and came out darker and brighter than what I wanted. I wanted it to be more “sky blue”. I also learned how to better construct the stand. There are a lot of things I would do different the second time around, but I stuck to my initial drawing which won me big points with Chef. He explained it is important to stay with your original diagram presented to your client, so they are not surprised when they see the final project.

Here are some pictures of my cake stand journey:

My diagram.

My sugar paste  flowers.

My cake.

My favor boxes.

My cake stand.

My cake stand fully assembled!

Due to timing and space, the flowers were left off of the design. It did not cost me anything points wise because the flowers themselves were not graded.