Sugar 2: Class Showpiece

At the end of sugar 2 we combined all of our new skills to create a class sugar showpiece. This was a complete group effort. We all had our hands in just about every aspect of this piece. I helped with poured sugar, pulled sugar, pressed sugar, bubble sugar, painting, airbrushing, and assembly. The theme for our showpiece was Cirque du Soleil.

Here are pics of how it turned out:

Starting to build…

Pressed sugar platforms.

Bubble sugar.



Isn’t it beautiful?!? We were all very happy with how it turned out. 🙂


Sugar 2

Sugar 2 was definitely a new experience for me. We learned how to pour, pull and blow sugar to make really awesome works of art.

This section was painful. I burned myself and ended up with a nasty blister that has just now started to heal. I did notice my tolerance for hot things has gone up quite a bit. Sugar is hot. Hot sugar is dangerous, but it can also be fun. 🙂

First we learned the techniques of pouring and pulling sugar. We used these techniques to create a sugar owl.  I’m pretty happy with how mine turned out.

Poured sugar base, body, eyes, beak, wing, feet, and branch. Pulled sugar feathers and bow.

Next we learned how to pull ribbons and how to basket weave.




Finally, we learned how to blow sugar.

Blown Sugar Spheres

At the end of the unit we combined all of these techniques to create an awesome class showpiece. I will show that off in the next post. 🙂

Plated Desserts 2

Plated desserts 2 went by very quickly. We learned many new techniques and the unit ended with an “evening of desserts”. We invited our families and friends to school to enjoy dessert. We made a menu and our family members ordered what they wanted. We also provided an exotic fruit soup as an appetizer.

The evening flew by. The pressure to plate orders as they came in got to all of us and gave us a taste of whats to come if we choose to work in a restaurant.

Overall, it went very well and we received many compliments. Below are pictures of the desserts available that evening:

Exotic Fruit Soup with Avocado Ice Cream


Fontaine with White Chocolate Cocoa Nib Ice Cream

Kataifi Napoleon with Fromage en Blanc Mousse and Date Compote